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    Terms and Conditions & International Shipping

    *kindly scroll down re. International Shipping*


    - Goods are refundable within a week after posting.

    - If the items paid for are out of stock, money will be fully refunded in a go.

    - Items can only be refunded if the size stated on the charts is not consistent with the actual product.(Measurement will be taken for refunded items)

    - Goods refund must be in the good/original condition.

    - All costs will be incurred by the customer.

    - In case of refund, we will offer full refund to customers.

    - 50% of the refund will be retained in the customer's account for future purchase. If no purchase is made in 1 month, the balance will be fully returned.

    - All other relevant general terms and conditions apply.

    General Items

    - First come first serve basis. All goods are brand new.

    - The picture of the products on our website are taken from the actual products themselves, the colours and materials may look different due to sunlight.

    - Goods sold maybe returnable, provided that they are in the original condition, but money will not be refundable. You may exchange for another item within 3 days. (Note that all costs will be incurred by the customer.)

    - Goods ordered will be delivered within 3 working days(for west Malaysia) and 4 working days(for east Malaysia).

    - We will not be accountable for any losses or damages incurred during the delivery.

    - Estimated postage charge
    Rm 5.00 using Pos Laju

    - For those who are interested, please complete the ORDER FORM at the end of this page.

    - After your submission of the ORDER FORM, we will notify you the total amount to be paid and together with our account number as soon as possible. We expect to receive payment within 3 days after our notification.

    - Your reservation will only be valid within 72 hours. If payment is not received within this period, goods reserved will be automatically canceled.

    - For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at posh.chics.online@gmail.com. We will attend to you as soon as possible.
    * Please note that we reserve the right to amend the above terms & conditions at anytime without prior notification.


    (1 kg : 5 - 6 shawls / 5 apparel / 20 scarves)

    (2 - 4 days)

    By Air:
    First 250g - Aud 10
    Every 250g - plus Aud 1,30
    1 kg - Aud 12,80

    By Sea:
    Below 1kg - Aud 8,50
    1kg to 3 kgs - Aud 9,50

    (2 days)

    By Air:
    First 250g - Sgd 7
    Every 250g - plus Sgd 0,50
    1 kg - Sgd 8,10

    By Sea:
    1kg - 3 kgs - Sgd 7,40
    Below 1kg - Sgd 6,60

    *Email us to enquire about the shipping rates to other countries!
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